The Road to Wells

In just under a month, three actors, a designer, director and company stage manager will descend on Wells-next-the-Sea. Finally! We’ve been planning Peril at Sea for a long old time – finding partners, booking the tour, collating show images, making trailers, and researching, researching, researching.

Now, all that research (well, not all of it!) has been shaped and moulded into a script, ready to be explored by our three fine actors: Andrew Forbes, Káitlin A Feeney and Alex Scott Fairley. I’m thrilled with the cast, and I know at least one of them is excited as she keeps telling me!

You can now book your tickets for Peril at Sea. Hurrah! Have a look at our tour schedule for dates and details. Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Dorset, Kent, Cornwall, Cumbria, Lancashire, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk – we’re clocking up some miles!

But our first stop is Wells-next-the-Sea, and by the looks of a recent film on twitter, we might well need our wellies!

Nicola, 15th January 2019
The Adventure Begins…

So it’s been a while since our last missive.
But, as promised, we’ve been planning and thinking so it’s time for an update.

We are developing our second production, Peril at Sea. Inspired by our coastal location and the phenomenal force that is the ocean, we’re making a brand new play. An exploration of seafaring, based on real stories, events, places and characters, with a bit of artistic licence!

There are so many exciting things about this project. Firstly, we have some terrific partners on board – New Theatre Royal Portsmouth, the all new Wells Maltings, The Seagull in Lowestoft and LV21, a decommissioned lightship in Gravesend.

We’ve received significant funding from Arts Council England, which is fantastic, and The Leche Trust have added their support. We’ve also had brilliant contributions from a number of individuals and businesses, which is much appreciated and we’ll be celebrating them on here soon.

We’ve had two weeks of Research and Development, one with The Seagull and one in Wells-next-the-Sea. Two actors with me each week, and our designer Charlie joined us in Wells. We explored the research material that I’ve been gathering from all over the country, tested ideas for the central characters and learned more about the sea and those who live by it. We’ve met some amazing people and been encouraged by the support we’ve received.

Coming very soon will be a casting announcement, so keep an eye out for that. (We’re excited already!)

We go into rehearsals in February, in Wells, then we have production week and previews in Portsmouth, before heading off on tour on March 1st, starting on the Isle of Wight.
More dates and details will be up shortly.

So there’s a lot going on! Can’t wait.

Nicola, 31st October 2018