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Peril at Sea

Our second adventure

On stormy nights, when wild north-westers rave,
How proud a thing to fight with wind and wave.

 Arthur Hugh Clough

Peril at Sea.jpg

Photo: Mike Kwasniak; Design: Pete Le May

The greatest storm in living memory blasts the English coast. Striving against the howling winds and pounding waves, a lonely boat struggles on. Those left behind wait impatiently, huddled together, isolated and unfamiliar.

As the storm rages, stories, memories, songs and myths tumble out of the night, capturing a life lived
on and around the sea.

Peril at Sea toured England in spring 2019, visiting a variety of venues around the coast including Lighthouse Poole; Quay Arts, Newport; The Seagull, Lowestoft; numerous village and community halls and a boatyard, boathouse
and LV21, a lightship moored in Gravesend. 

Peril at Sea was produced in association with New Theatre Royal Portsmouth, supported by Wells Maltings,
The Seagull and LV21.

Funded by Arts Council England, The Leche Trust and Heritage Lottery Fund.

Photos taken by Peter Langdown.  Set and costume design by Charlie Cridlan. The cast featured Andrew Forbes, Kait Feeney and Alex Scott Fairley. Click on an image to enlarge it.  

Two men look out to sea.
Bobby in blue sweater over rolled up shirt sleeves, sits arms outstretched.
All 3 characters play dominoes, leaning over a tall box.
Woman in a black hat and grey shawl admonishes a young man.
The two men face each other, navy caps in hand.
Two characters stand, singing to the older man, seated.
The set, with the 3 actors sitting, listening to Isaac..
The older man, seated, looks down, deep in thought.
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