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Bardolph's Box

Our very first show


Name: Bardolph

Age: I forget…

Favourite things: Being cheeky. Having fun. Meeting new people. Helping others.

Join me on my roller-coaster ride through Shakespeare’s stories.

Everyone needs a helping hand at times and I’m just the boy for the job!

Who will we meet? Where will we go? Can you get my pals out of a pickle?

One thing’s for sure, we’ll have a whole lot of fun along the way!

Bardolph's Box is an introduction to Shakespeare's plays for children aged 8 to 11.
A small-scale production, we visited theatres, arts centres, museums, schools and libraries. 

Initially created in collaboration with Unity Theatre Liverpool, Bardolph's first outing toured the north-west and south-east of England in spring 2016. In the autumn, Bardolph packed his bag and headed out again,
this time to new friends in Gloucestershire, Cumbria and Essex. 

The show is designed as a way into Shakespeare's plays and characters.
Bardolph wakes up to find himself shipwrecked on an island. But it's not just any old island, this island is under the spell of a villainous Duke, and it seems that Bardolph is the one who can break the curse. 
During his adventure, Bardolph meets a host of colourful characters from Shakespeare's plays, all in need of a helping hand or listening ear. With the help of his young audience, Bardolph solves all sorts of problems,
until the final showdown to save the island... 

We'd love to take Bardolph and his chums out on the road again. 
The show is 50 minutes long. It features 3 actors, live music and some slightly questionable dance moves. 

There are no tech requirements. 

Associated workshops are available.
The play is ideal for introducing children to Shakespeare's language and characters. 

Drop us a line if you'd like to introduce Bardolph to your audiences. 

Photos taken by Brian Roberts at Neston Library in Cheshire. The original cast featured Stuart Crowther, Anna Buckland and Harvey Robinson. Design by Alice Smith, the Production Assistant was Kayleigh Hawkins. Click on an image to enlarge it.  

Bardolph wears a white shirt with baggy sleeves and a brown waistcoat, Puck is swathed in leaves.
A light brown dog puppet is held by Lance, who is wearing a striped shirt, waistcoat and flat cap.
The male actor playing Cleopatra wears a black wig with gold tips and a gold cloak.
Nurse, in a striped shawl, with her right hand raised in the air.
Bardolph stands in the middle of the warring Capulet and Montague.
Valentine, played by the female actor, is draped in a long blue cloak, the Duke stands beside her.
Bardolph is facing right, his arm holding a metal cup.
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